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Tips for Picking the Right Beard Care Products

Proper beard care can seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t need to be. Figuring out what types of products work best for your personal grooming starts with you. Men have different hair types, growth rates, and other specific factors that need to be addressed. But the bottom line is that whatever beard care products you do use, it’s all about your comfort and style.

The essentials are a constant. You want your beard to feel and look good on your face. Unmaintained beards can irritate the skin, get in your mouth, look very unpleasant, and even get stinky. All of your beard care product choices are about achieving goals where none of those continue to be the case. With a little bit of research, you can make informed selections and get a better sense of what “the right stuff” actually is and find the best beard products for you.

Beard Oil Basics

When looking at beard oils, perhaps the very first thing to consider is where your beard is at. Are you in the stubble stage? Have you grown it out so long, you’re giving Santa Clause a run for his money? Lighter oils are typically recommended when you are still in the early growth periods. Taking the rough edges off of itchy stubble doesn’t require overkill. As your beard gets thicker and longer, heavier oils will become more important. This simple rule of thumb can get you started.

In any case, you want to be sure your beard oil is packing all the nutrients your follicles need. Huskybeard enriches all their oils with special vitamins and botanicals to promote a healthy beard. When you’re starting out light, give the Cabin Fever Beard Oil a try. If you’re not so sure, one of their 3-packs will let you play around to find just the right oil.

Browsing Beard Balms

Another vital beard care product is beard balm. Thicker than the oils, they serve many of the same functions, plus some extra ones. In addition to moisturizing and providing the nourishment your facial hair will always need, beard balms also condition and style your face fur. Think of beard balms as being sort of like hair gels, only with the added health benefits of a good moisturizer.

If you’re looking to tame straying and fraying streaks, thicken some patchy spots or sport a fine sheen, this is your ticket. Seeking extra heft and texture? Beard balms are the way to go. Huskybeard’s Smooth Maverick Beard Balm variety is a good place to start — or you can go bolder with the Floral Paradise.

Bundle three beard balms to save some money while you experiment and hone in on your perfect product.

Passing the Smell Test

Whether you’re going for beard oils, beard balms or both — having more options is always better — there’s one central element besides functionality that’s always worth concentrating on: the scent. Sometimes choosing a scent can be situational. Huskybeard’s Cabin Fever Beard Oil, for example, projects a woodsy outdoor essence that implies strength and resilience. Shooting for a different vibe? Switch to Morning Coffee Beard Balm’s seductive cafe aroma to help fuel your day and augment your natural confidence.

But for some men, finding one scent that you’ll love all the time could make more sense. Maybe Huskybeard’s Ocean Breeze Beard Balm defines your inner surfer. Or if you’re a socially active gentleman, the allure of Midnight Charmer Beard Oil may be a perfect match. In the end, it’s your nose that knows. If your beard product emanates aromas that are pleasing to your senses, it will be pleasing for both you and the people around you. And since all Huskybeard balms and oils are formulated to maintain beard health, you’ll always know your beautiful beard is being taken care of!