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10 Best Beard Care Tips

10 Best Beard Care Tips

August 24, 2018

How to Groom a Beard

Maintaining and grooming a beard is nothing short of a routine, and it deserves to be one! Most of us are careful about the way we look, and if you have a beard, you'd agree that it definitely adds to your visual appeal! Beards need a lot of care though, and there's no easy way around that. But, if you know exactly what your beard requires and how to groom it, it's always going to be in top shape.

 Here, we're going to talk about 10 of the best tips for grooming your beard, and how each of these tips can help with better maintenance.

  1. Moisturizing

Most people use a conditioner right after shampooing their hair, and this is because it helps with locking in some moisture and also keeping the hair soft and easier to manage. Similarly, moisturizing your beard is also a great idea, but you have to make sure to only use products which have been made specifically for beard hair. Longer beards can tend to have a tougher texture, so keeping it moisturized is important.

  1. Using a comb

Now, let's say that you're used to finding small knots in your beard, and it tends to get annoying. Leaving those knots like that is a bad idea because it can cause your beard hair to fall out or become weak over time. The best option would be to carry a small beard comb with you at all times and give your beard a few brushes every now and then to avoid knots and breakage.

  1. Cleanliness

Keeping your beard clean is not just about the way it looks or feels, it also plays a major part in maintaining hygiene. Not washing and cleaning your beard regularly can cause a build-up of bacteria or germs, which can, in turn, lead to other health issues and skin irritation. None of this is pleasant and is a lot harder to deal with over time. So, ensure that you clean and wash your beard regularly. The beard wash from Black Tie Beard is top notch, engineered specifically for beards, and is infused with moisturizing oils to help give you the best beard possible.

  1. Oils and balms

If you want a top-notch beard, why not splurge on a few beard-only products? Oils and balms for beards help with a number of issues, like thinning hair, lack of lustre, uneven growth and so on. To avoid having a scanty or thinning beard, you must try out the Husky Beard range of balms and oils. These are made with special ingredients that aid in the better grooming of your beard, and will surely show results in no time!

  1. The right tools

You can't just use any type of scissor or razor while grooming your beard. There are tons of brands in the market that sell a range of products and grooming tools that can make at-home beard maintenance a lot easier. Trimmers, cutters, creams, and lotions made especially for beards are a smart investment.

  1. Using an electric shaver

Electric shavers come in handy for beard grooming because they're easy to use and offer you the option of professional quality grooming right at home! Braun is a popular and preferred brand that has a whole range dedicated only to beards and facial hair grooming. To know which one might be the best choice for your beard type, you can check out this guide for the best braun electric shavers. Also, if you're ever confused as to how you must use one, there are plenty of guides and videos also available.

  1. Make a routine

If you're someone who has a busy schedule and finds it difficult to make time for grooming, the best plan of action would be to have a standard grooming routine in place. Time yourself, find out how long you require to shave or trim your beard, and to clean it. Always keep your beard-related products at a specific place, so that you don't have to waste time searching for them.

  1. Know your style

Growing the right beard shape has a lot to do with facial contours and jawlines. There are certain beards that look great on a particular face-cut, and others that don't really work. So, keeping in mind that you know your face and what looks good on you the best, you can experiment with beard styles based on that factor. There are also guides where the most suitable beard style for different face shapes is available to give you a more detailed idea.

  1. Cleaning the tools

It's not just your beard that needs to be clean and tidy at all times. Even the tools and blades you use need to be maintained properly and also replaced with fresh ones from time to time. Keeping your tools in good condition will also ensure that your skin doesn't contract any infections or rashes, especially if you have sensitive skin.

  1. Eating right

A healthy beard doesn't only have to do with what you use on it externally. Eating healthy and getting all the nutrition in is also essential. Omega-3, Vitamin B, and also Vitamin A are known to be a great source of proteins, minerals, and nourishment for facial hair to grow thick and evenly. Proper diet will also fuel your beard growth if you're looking to sport a longer one.

A healthy beard starts with a healthy body. Huskybeard's beard growth vitamins are packed with everything you need to grow a healthy beard naturally, on your own, without harmful chemicals like Minoxidil.

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Final Thoughts

Grooming isn't such a difficult task when you understand exactly what your needs are and how you want your facial hair to fit with the rest of your style and appearance. And yes, it does take some patience and time, but the result is a great looking beard that is sure to get you some compliments!

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