The HUSKY is confident, loyal, & masculine.
This is the attitude of HUSKYBEARD, designed for similarly distinguished men.

HUSKYBEARD LLC was founded early November 2017 with one simple goal to achieve: to craft excellent beard care & grooming products for proud beardsmen. 

We were tired of the low quality, plastic combs, harmful shampoos and chemicals, and lack of quality products available to the wide demographic of beardsmen. The fact that beards are considered a "trend", rather than a form of lifestyle, is the reason beard care is neglected. It's why you rarely see any QUALITY beard care products on the shelves; it's just not mainstream...yet?
First rough draft designs of the HUSKY logo

So we scratched our own itch and opted to craft our own, only with the best materials and ingredients available.



Though we are still a small, family-run business, we've a vision to give men the pleasure of cultivating a beard that is healthier, fuller, and just plain better. Beard care should not be a chore nor a difficulty; it is our mission for our beardsmen to achieve their best beard possible. 

Knowing the wide demographic of men who sport awesome beards, we've thoughtfully crafted our tools to enhance the character of men and their already awesome lifestyle.

First Beard Oil Release after dozens of trials & errors
Instead of offering a huge catalog of unoriginal products, we only offer a curated, select few in order to focus on quality, intention, and effectiveness. The feeling of receiving your beard care products in the mail and experiencing what great beard care is all about, is what we strive to do. 



We're humbly confident in our products, mission, and growth, but in any circumstance of you not having a 100% satisfied experience, we'll be quick to fix the problem, make any necessary exchanges, or offer you a full refund (*within 30 days of purchase).


If this is your first time shopping with us, accept this welcome offer and use code "THANKS10" for 10% off your entire order. Treat yourself, and experience your best beard possible.