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At Husky Beard & Grooming, giving bearded men the ability to have the best beard possible is our passion. Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and absolute best customer service in the beard care industry. All of our products are held to the highest quality standards. We don’t sell novelty items or low-quality junk just to make a quick buck.

All of our beard oils, beard balms, beard creams, and waxes are all natural and made by hand in the USA. Our washes and conditioners are also made in the USA and are as natural as you can get for a product that contains water.

All of our products are made with premium carrier and essential oils, sourced in the USA, and hand mixed according to our specifications and formulas. We work in conjunction with a manufacturer to create the best blends of the highest quality that meet the most stringent safety standards. We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in our manufacturing process to make sure we only offer the best products in the business.

Many of our competitor’s products leave your beard feeling greasy and heavy. Husky Beard & Grooming oils go on smooth and leave your beard and skin moisturized, but never greasy or heavy feeling. We have had customers that were lifelong users of competitor brands that have switched to Husky because of our superior products.


Our company originally started as Huskybeard. The original owner had a small line of 5 oils and a folding comb that generated a majority of Huskybeard's sales. When the business was about a year and a half old, the original owner decided it was time to make an exit.

Our current owner, Ray, was working as the President of a local small business in Mesa, AZ. Having owned various small businesses over the years, Ray was always looking for another side hustle to make some additional income. In June of 2018, Ray came across a listing for Huskybeard and liked what he saw. He saw a failing company with HUGE potential. 

Ray acquired Huskybeard in June of 2018 and immediately got to work changing the brand image. At the time, Huskybeard was in the middle of a customer service nightmare. Every customer that had purchased the old folding comb was upset and requesting a refund or exchange because the comb was a piece of junk that fell apart within days after purchase. After 6 months or so, the Huskybeard brand began to be known for customer service and quality, due to Ray's dedication and hard work. 

In April of 2019, Ray lost his full time job. After a few months of searching for a replacement job, he decided to go "all in" with Huskybeard. New products were added, formulas were changed, and the focus remained on customer service and quality. Huskybeard grew from an infant to a teenager and the need for another rebrand became apparent. It was time for Huskybeard to leave the small batch world behind and reflect the true quality and safety behind the products.

After an extremely difficult 6 months of hard work changing packaging, labels, designs, logos, shipping processes, locations, manufacturing processes, and the entire Huskybeard operations, on January 1, 2020, Huskybeard became Husky Beard & Grooming.

Husky Beard & Grooming is located in Arizona. Our owner, Ray, is passionate about customer service and helping everyone achieve the best grooming experience possible. That’s why he has developed and transformed the brand into what it is today. He has personally tested, used and curated each of the Husky Beard & Grooming products and doesn’t sell anything he wouldn’t use himself. He truly cares about each and every customer and personally responds to every customer inquiry. Ray treats every customer like they're a member of the Husky Beard & Grooming family. Your business means everything to him because it gives him the ability to provide for his wife and 7 children.


At Husky Beard & Grooming, we guarantee you’ll love our products, or we’ll replace them for free. Product replacement is limited to one time per product ordered.