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Match Your Hairstyle With Your Beard Style: Yes, It Matters

Match Your Hairstyle With Your Beard Style: Yes, It Matters

March 16, 2019

Match Your Hairstyle With Your Beard Style: Yes, It Matters

If you place any importance on how you look when stepping out, you’re naturally going to make sure your wardrobe is well-coordinated. Clashing colors and mismatched patterns will turn a fashion statement into a fashion emergency. Anyone similarly serious about their beards should be just as conscious about having a hairstyle and beard style as perfectly paired as their outfits.

Making a Statement With Your Beard

First thing’s first: what image are you trying to project? There are all sorts of approaches, from professorial and geeky to burly and wild. Going for a hippy vibe? Then a long mane complimented with an unruly full beard might be the ticket. Maybe you’re looking to play the power role in a busy office? A more conservative cut with a neatly cropped Van Dyke can be very effective.

Everybody has that special impression they want to make when they meet colleagues, friends, or significant others. Start with that simple decision before making a salon appointment or picking up the clippers.

Now that you’ve targeted your desired effect, take a look at what you’re working with. Start with the hair on your head. Is it full, or perhaps thinning? Does your hair grow in thick for easy sculpting? Or is it wispy and more flexible to tame? Color also matters. Darker hair commands the eye in a different way than lighter hues. You also need to measure how it compliments your skin tone and even eye color.

Once you’ve taken all that into consideration, pay attention to the characteristics of your facial hair. Is it bristly or easy to groom? Does it grow in full, or tend to stretch long? There needs to be a harmony established so that you don’t overreach or underestimate just what you can and can’t pull off. Patchy beards, for example, might best be sculpted to crop at their strongest places, while more robust follicles may need more attention to trimming lest a goatee run amok off one’s chin. The trick is to let your eye grasp what potential the ol’ wig and whiskers have to create that striking look you seek to craft.

Next, it’s time to face the face. Solid cheekbones, for example, may call out for expression. If that’s the case, you’ll want a beard style that keeps them shaved rather than hiding them under your fur. Men with rounder features might want to keep a fuller style which augments brawn. Chin and forehead prominence also play an important role. Thinner faces with fuller hair could seek to grow a full-on walrus-style mustache. Or maybe a crewcut can find stark juxtaposition with a luxurious Garibaldi.

Only you can really decide what balance you want to reach. Whether it’s looking like a ladies man or just coming off as an intellectual, how your hair is styled on both your scalp and your mug will send that message. And before we leave the face, don’t forget that earrings, piercings, glasses, and even something as simple as your smile will all play their parts in presenting who you are.

Tools of the Trade: Beard Balms, Oils, and Combs

The final touch: maintaining healthy facial hair. Beard oils and beard balms are essential tools to keep it all looking good. But effective beard products do much more than merely enhance aesthetics. Beard oils can double as colognes, adding an aural dimension to your look. Huskybeard’s Cabin Fever Beard Oil, for example, carries a woodsy scent that recalls the great outdoors, while the Midnight Charmer Beard Oilmixes tobacco and vanilla for that perfect evening out.

Beard balms, on the other hand, will be more viscous. This means they’ll add sheen, allow for shaping, and finish off any rough edges. Huskybeard’s Morning Coffeesmells like its namesake, making an attractive impression early in the day. You can even complete your beard styling with premium Beard Combsfor a fine grooming finish. With the right products and tools, you’ll keep your hairdo and beard style on the same page with no problem!

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