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How to Choose The Best Grooming Kit For Your Beard

You don't just simply grow a beard, and then end of story. You cultivate a beard as you take care of its health, aesthetics, texture, etc. Having your best beard is what gives you pride; it's part of your character, dignity, and many other personal reasons. 

Continuing off the last blog post on The Most Common Bearded Problems & Solutions, we will take a closer look how specific Beard Care Products can alleviate the problems of an itchy, dry, brittle, coarse, ungroomed, poorly trimmed, unmanagable, or otherwise a problematic beard. Once you rock that healthier, better looking beard, there's no going back to your old bearded ways. The effects of a better beard makes all the difference. 

It's important to note, that knowledge about beard care or beard grooming is not mainstream. It's why you rarely see any beard products on the stores' shelves. The goal of this article is to inform you of how you can achieve a beard that is healthier, stronger, more virile, softer, less itchy...basically a beard that is at its best potential. 

Far to many beardsmen spend a fortune on various beard products without ever feeling totally satisfied from them. Either the Beard Oils are too potent or contain ingredients (like Coconut) that cause allergies, the cheap combs pluck and strip away precious hairs, the products are overpriced and low-quality, and other annoying issues.

Don't you think it's time to stop settling with your beard and treat your beard better?

Trust me man, beard care can be pretty overwhelming at first. It was for me. I had to experiment with many different products, wasting hundreds of dollars that ultimately left me unsatisfied. 

If so, we've specially curated many different beard grooming kits for your specific beard care needs.

The Ultimate Beardsmans Package was developed to consist of essential beard care grooming tools that work consistently and reliably with a focus on beautiful design and master craftsmanship. It's designed for the beardsmen who strive to have their best beard possible. 

  HUSKYBEARD Ultimate Beardsman Beard Care Package Grooming Kit

Let's explore how these products work to take care of the major problems beardsmen face when grooming. 

HUSKYBEARD Ultimate Beardsman Beard Care Package Grooming Kit

The Ultimate Beardsmans Package

This is the best beard grooming kit that will upgrade your beard to its absolute best potential.
Men are prideful of their beards, but that shouldn't come at the expense of discomforting grooming headaches. This huge bundle is the all-in-one solution for your dry, brittle, coarse, itchy, unmanageable beard. Simply put, you'll achieve your best beard you've never experienced before. 
This Beard Care Kit is regularly $300, but for a limited time, the price has dropped significantly. 

What You'll Be Getting:

Value: $39.99

This is no ordinary comb fellas. Not just beautifully designed and handcrafted, this best selling Sandalwood Folding Beard Comb gives you a totally different grooming experience. The medium teeth glide through your beard with a lingering scent that'll make you love grooming.

Just imagine the subtle and relaxing scent you get when using this Comb, when all you were expecting was a plain styling tool. Customers often tell us they enjoy the experience so much, that they find themselves combing all day and having it everywhere in their every-day-carry.

This is truly the best beard comb you can find, and we're giving you two.

Beard Comb Benefits:

A great Beard Comb can drastically enhance your appearance and make your beard look handsome, styled, and even longer. It's definitely something you want to have in your beard care collection while growing your beard. Time and time again, your beard will become more unruly and stubborn so investing in a high quality beard comb can help you regain control of your beard style. 

  • The dense composition and healthy properties of Sandalwood can strengthen the hair follicles by stimulating blood flow which is essential for health beard/hair growth. By far, Sandalwood is regarded as one of the most favored materials in Beard Care.
  • The Scent of Sandalwood.The is one of its best perks. The smooth, sweet, smoky scent is quite relaxing when grooming in the morning. It's what truly makes this Comb have a unique experience from your typical boring grooming sessions. 
    • The scent of this natural wood has that freshly cut wood smell but with more warmth and deepness. It's a favorite amongst beardsmen everywhere, which is why you see this natural ingredient found in many Beard Oils. 
  • Grooms without snag or static. Synthetic materials like nylon and plastic are notorious for plucking and pulling. 

  • Trains and styles the hair in the desired direction you're going for, while giving your beard fuller looking coverage without the tangles.

  • Behind the production of each of our Sandalwood Beard Combs includes an assembly team of highly skilled workers meticulously crafting to give the most pleasurable grooming experience for our beardsmen.Our production includes: the sourcing of high quality, aromatic Sandalwood, the precisely cut sections of wood according to exact specified measurements, the assembly of the individual parts, the branding of our HUSKY logo, and finally the refinement process of varnishing, sanding, and polishing to give the best gliding experience. Every one of our handcrafted combs is truly a unique work of art. Getting the job done right for our community is no joke. 

HUSKYBEARD Beard Oil Collection

Collective Value: $135

Beard oils are the staple piece for the maintenance, health, and style of your facial hair. All of our Beard Oils were researched thoroughly and tested for feel, scent, and effect and we can guarantee you'll find your beard smelling like heaven, feeling softer than ever, and without the greasy feeling. 

All of our Beard Oils include the best carrier oils: Jojoba, Argan, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, & Vitamin E Oils. We've chose these carrier oils because they penetrate the skin easily, do not smell strongly, and are full of rich, nourishing nutrients that will make your beard and skin soft to the touch.  

    Beard Oil Benefits

    There are very good options to help with your skin and beard's dryness like Beard Conditioners and Balms as long as the ingredients are all-natural. But the most practical and enjoyable solution is of course your favorite Beard Oils. A Premium Beard Oil is the foundation for an awesome beard that you need to be equipped with, if you haven't already. 
    • Alleviates itchiness and beardruff (beard dandruff)
    • Softens and smoothens beard follicles 
    • Further improves the health of the hair and skin with the Vitamin E Oil we included, which many other Beard Oils don't include due to price.
    • Terrifically hydrates and moisturizes with a 5 Carrier Oil Blend that is all-natural. These exact oils we've included have outstanding benefits, which is why many of the top brands' lotions, shampoos, and other skin products also have them included. 
    • Antiseptic, antibacterial, and mood lifting essential oils with masculine aromas.

    What makes a great Beard Oil...well great is its ability to leave the beard feeling soft, smelling great, and without a loaded greasy feeling. It makes being bearded much more enjoyable when it looks and feels its best. The Beard Oils made at HUSKYBEARD are specially researched and developed with 5 of the best carrier oils available and include diverse scent profiles suited for every beardsman. We designed our collection to compliment the confidence and pleasure associated with being a beardsman.

    HUSKYBEARD Beard Trimming Scissors

    Value: $80.00

    Quality engineering is no joke. These HUSKYBEARD Scissors have a remarkable HRC (a system for measuring hardness) score of 62. Professional grade scissors have a hardness rating of 58-60HRC and go for $200+. To produce the best quality scissors, we even used top grade 6CR Stainless Steel. Simply put, these shears are what the master barbers use. 

    Beautifully engineered and expertly qualified, these HUSKYBEARD Scissors are matte finished and equipped with ergonomic handles to give you precise control over each hair follicle.

    Beard Trimming Scissors Benefits:

    • Prevents clogged pores, dirt and bacteria, and makes beard and face cleansing much easier.
    • Gets rid of split ends that deter healthy beard growth and make your beard wiry, unkept, and messy even with the application of beard care products like oils, balms, etc.
    • Removes stray, coarse, tangled hairs. These spiky, stubborn hairs are wild and often times can't stay down even with use of balms, waxes, and blowdrying. That's why you need to just cut them off.
    • Maintains a uniform, even appearance. Needless to say, facial hair grows at all different rates. Some grow more on their right, some grow more on their left or on their chin. You can have control over this genetic disposition by trimming it into uniformity. 
    • Makes you more attractive. In countless studies conducted all over the world, one of the major attributes for physical attractiveness is symmetry. Things like wearing glasses, getting a haircut with the sides trimmed, and trimming the beard make for a uniform, symmetrical appearance. 
    • Makes the beard look fuller. You might think the opposite is true, but think of your beard like a garden bush. Cutting out the loose branches and stray leaves gives the plant a more full, collective embodiment. It's not how much space the garden bush takes, it's the density of the space taken up. The same is true for beards. 
    • Accentuates and strengthens the jaw line. Let's face it, not every man is born with the chiseled jaw of Brad Pitt. But having facial hair on the jaw and chin can be manipulated to give your jaw a more crisp edge.
    • Less application of Beard Oils, Balms, etc. This is common sense, but the less hair there is, the less amount of application.
    • Makes eating with a large mustache and beard easier. All beardsmen know the difficulty in eating a creamy soup or a bowl of cereal. Tapering off the long hairs around the mouth greatly reduces the amount of food and drink that gets stuck.

    Beard Brush

    Value: $14.99

    Our Premium Boar Bristles Beard Brush is one of the essentials that we highly recommend adding into your beard care collection because it improves the health and aesthetics of your beard by providing a cleaner, moisturized, detangled, and just plain better beard. You'll instantly notice an improvement after using it.

    Boar bristle brushes have hundreds of bristles at all different lengths working to target every level of facial hair. The bristles are so compactly close together making it nearly impossible to neglect grooming even the smallest of hairs. 

    You likely have a synthetic hair brush sitting somewhere in your house right now. It's widely accepted in the bearded community (and women's cosmetic industry) to stick to natural materials and avoid these synthetic materials like nylon bristles and plastic combs. 

    The boar's hair is undoubtedly the highest performing material for any type of hair, which is why this material is so widely used in the cosmetic and grooming industry. The texture of boar's hair is so similar to human hair which is why it gives you the least amount of irritation. 

    Beard Brush Benefits:

    1. Less dryness, flakes, & itchiness. More moisture and shine.

    Dryness, beardruff (beard dandruff) and itchiness are some of the biggest annoyances when first growing your beard out. You tend to strip away a lot of healthy, natural oils whenever you wash up and use of scalp shampoos, harsh chemicals, and soaps can make this problem even worse. By using a superior boar brush instead of a plastic one, it'll help bring those follicles back to life.

    The best advantage of using a Boar's Bristle Brush is its natural ability of collecting oils (and beard oils) to equally distribute throughout your follicles. The bristles absorb the human sebaceous oils, that are often clogged deep in your pores, and then redistributes these oils from the base to the top of each hair strand. 

    By redistributing these oils evenly, your hairs boast a natural shine without it feeling loaded and weighted down. This also adds a huge aid in protecting your hairs from becoming brittle and damaged.

    2. Less breakage, frizz, and split-ends.

    Brushing your beard can drastically help the health of your beard in numerous ways, one being the prevention of breakage, frizz and split-ends. The brushes' bristles are strong and get between even the smallest of hairs to smoothen out tangles and knots. Getting rid of these problems means you won't have to manually trim those wirey hairs as often. The beard will look more natural and even.

    The extra coating of your beard with natural sebaceous oils and nourishing beard oils can protect the follicles from outside damage. 

    3. Natural Exfoliation.

    Exfoliation is the act of removing dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. These resting dead particles clog up the pores and can lead to folliculitis and acne. 

    The stiff texture of Boars' Bristles will help get in the roots of each follicle to exfoliate and provide a natural solution for cleaning up your skin and beard. Exfoliation not only helps with many skin problems, it also stimulates blood circulation, which in turn can promote healthier and fuller beard growth.

    HUSKYBEARD Keychain

    Value: $10.00

    This multi-functional beard and mustache comb is welded from durable stainless steel and serves you everywhere you go. Groom with no snag or static.

    Both functional and stylish, this HUSKY themed keychain makes the perfect gift for any passionate beardsmen and is the perfect handy tool for a quick, casual groom anytime. 

    It's portable with your keys or as a necklace, effective at grooming, cuts open boxes, and opens beers. What else is there to say?

    HUSKYBEARD Ultimate Beardsman Beard Care Package Grooming Kit

    The Ultimate Beardsmans Package

    This is the master kit that will transform your beard to its absolute best potential. Simply put, this beard care kit has everything you would ever need, whether you're a beginner beardsman or a legendary beardsman. 

    Here's what you get:

    - 2x Premium Sandalwood Beard Combs ($60 Value)
    - Premium Boar Bristles Beard Brush ($15 Value)
    - Barber Beard Trimming Scissors ($80 Value)
    - 3x Beard Oils from current collection ($45 Value)
    - 3x Additional, Unreleased, Beard Oils ($90 Value)
    - Free Multifunctional Keychain ($10 Value)

    Collective Value:$300
    Current SALE Price: $149.99 + FREE SHIPPING

    HUSKYBEARD Beard Care Beardsman Package


    This kit will take your grooming experience to the next level but NOT to its best potential. It's the younger brother of our Ultimate Package and does not include the 3 new Premium Beard Oils. It is still a great option for those looking to take care of the basic needs as a beardsman. You will have a better beard guaranteed.

    HUSKYBEARD Beardsman Beard Care Package Grooming Kit

    Here's what you get:

    - Premium Sandalwood Beard Combs ($30 Value)
    - Premium Boar Bristles Beard Brush ($15 Value)
    - 3x Beard Oils from Standard Collection ($45 Value)
    - Free Multifunctional Keychain ($10 Value)

    Collective Value: $100
    Current SALE Price: $59.99 + FREE SHIPPING

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    Individually, all of our beard care products will deliver effective changes and benefits to your beard but collectively, these products deliver the best advantages and benefits when paired together. 

    Our vision to give men the pleasure of having a better beard made us mad scientists, researching hundreds of ingredients and materials, identifying all of the misinformation out there, and constant trial and error. You don't have to go through the long research and experimentation like we did, we've done that part. 

    These are some of the best beard grooming kits and products crafted for all the beardsman out there, made simple, effective, and affordable for your best beard. 

    Beard on.