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Beard Oil: What It Is, The Benefits, & Why You Need It

Beard Oil Guide: What Is It & Why Use It?

Beard Oils are the staple piece for a healthy and great looking beard. If you had absolutely nothing to take care of a beard except one thing, it should be this one. It goes without saying that beard oils are loved amongst the bearded community, and rightfully so. With its ability to prevent all sorts of pains, like dryness, beardruff, itch, coarseness, etc. It has the ability to drastically improve your appearance and how comfortable your beard feels against your skin - not to mention all the unique scents.

Great Beards Need Beard Oil

Most men everywhere have some sort of facial scruff going on, the professionals, the bikers, the outdoorsy guys, the graduated men in service, the celebrities, the hipsters (if that's still even a thing?), the style gurus, etc. As it's more mainstream and accepted in cultures all over, more and more beards are grown, especially in Movember season. 

Truth be told many think that if you just grow it out, then the beard looks good. No maintenance required, no styling, not trimming, no moisturizing, no grooming...that's false. As we like to say, "With Great Beards, Come Great Responsibility". Speaking of great beards, let's talk about what exactly beard oil is, the benefits and uses, and what to look for!

Beard Oil Set

A Look Inside a Bottle of Beard Oil

What is beard oil exactly? Your first guess is probably "oil for the beard", and that's spot on. But the effects and mechanisms of actions goes a lot further than that my friend. Here is a breakdown of the composition of a bottle of beard oil.

Beard Oils' Ingredients:

A well-made beard oil recipe is composed of:

Carrier Oils:
Beard Oil Carrier Oil Ingredient

As you can see carrier oils comprise of the majority of the beard oil; these carrier oils are what deliver the benefits you're looking for: softness, shine, smoothness, moisture, and overall better health. 

Carrier Oils are generally oils derived from vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. They're all-natural (or the good ones are at least) and are exactly what the name suggests "carrying oils". These rich, nourishing oils are what "carry" the essential oils, because straight application of most essential oils on the skin will harshly damage and irritate the skin. That's why they need to be diluted into a carrier oil.
This hand-in-hand combination actually works out perfectly because the carrier oils do the job while essential oils gives the aromas.

  • Effects of Carrier Oils (COs):
    These COs contain a rich source of essential fatty acids that, in case you don't know, are vital for the body and cannot be produced by the body alone (they're are way too many benefits of EFAs so we'll let you google that if you want). To keep it simple and straightforward, carrier oils and its properties are the reason for the mentioned benefits down below. 

Essential Oils:
Beard Oil Essential Oil Ingredient Recipe

The scent of a beard oil comes from the small remainder: the essential oils. This is what makes a beard oil has its character and personality. It's the exciting feeling of opening up a new bottle of beard oil and first getting in that whiff of the scent. 
Not only does a great mixture of various essentials give a great yet subtle fragrance to your beard, (for example, pine needle & sandalwood would give you a woodsy beard oil recipe) it also has benefits of its own due to anti-septic, anti-bacterial properties, cognitive benefits, calmness and relaxation benefits, etc. We'll talk more about this further down. 

  • Effects of Essential Oils (EOs):
    Many EOs have been studied to show anti-aging benefits, healing properties, anti-acne effects, etc due to its healthy compounds. The list would be way too long if we included all of the diverse benefits, but to give you an idea, essential oils itself is an multi-million dollar, international industry; it's bigger than beard care. Just look up aromatherapy and therapeutic benefits of EOs and you'll see why millions (of beardless men, women, their kids, and their aunt) use EOs for its staggering benefits. (We even have an aromatherapeutic essential oil diffuser in our offices at HUSKYBEARD haha.) It's absolutely crazy what this stuff does. 
Now that you understand what exactly is being applied to your beard, let's talk about why you need it and the benefits you'll achieve. 

Beard Oil Benefits:
Beard Oil Benefits

As we've already spilled some of the benefits above, here's an overview of the advantages of Beard Oil you'll be "facing" (get it?)

  • Moisturizes and conditions your hair by going straight down to the root and right up to the tip. 

  • Maintains a healthy balance of sebum production that makes the skin healthier and the hair less prone to damage, irritation, and dryness. Basically sebum oils are produced on your body everywhere, from sebaceous glands. If you had absolutely no sebum oil, your face would become chapped and chip off like the shattering of fragile glass. Too much of this stuff and you'll be a slimy greaseball with wayyyy too much acne. Beard Oil helps give you that perfect balance. 

  • Prevents hairs from growing brittle and coarse, by the extra layer of protection from moisturization. 

  • Smoothens and softens the skin and hair, especially in the colder seasons!

  • Prevents flaking, dryness, and beardruff (beard dandruff) that lies hidden underneath your beard.  

  • Nourishment and better health by the dozens of vitamins and nutrients inside the individual carrier and essential oil ingredients. You get additional benefits if it contains Vitamin E Oil (which all of our beard oils have.)

  • Improves your appearance by giving the beard a little shine, wave, and cleanliness. If your beard looks better, you look better. 

  • Makes your beard smell good. No need to explain this one fellas. 

  • May *potentially increase your beard growth from the better health and nutrition your beard gets from beard oil. We say *potentially because beard growth primarily depends on your genetics and we don't want to be deceptive, unlike some beard companies that promote their beard oil as growth oils....that's false advertising brothers. On the flip side...certain essential oils, like peppermint essential oil, are scientifically shown to promote hair growth. 

See how beneficial this stuff is? Beard Oil takes care of so many bearded problems (check out this post on how to alleviate the top bearded problems you might be experiencing). 

You might ask yourself how to apply, or if you're applying correctly. Let's talk about that. 

How to Use Beard Oil:
How to use beard oil

Applying Beard Oil is pretty straightforward. You just need a beard/stubble and a bottle of beard oil. But there's a chance you may not be applying optimally. 

Here is a general "safe" recommendation for beard oil application:

  • If you're just starting to use beard oil, start small with a dime-sized dab on your palms and fingers and trace it throughout your whole beard. Only apply more if the oils haven't reached all parts of your facial hair. 

  • Water and Oil don't mix. The beard should be slightly damp or completely dry.

  • Use a high quality Beard Comb or Beard Brush to distribute the oils amongst every hair, that way you can be assured that your entire beard is getting the benefits.

  • Work the oil inwards from the skin to the outwards of the follicle's tips. 

  • You'll generally get a "feel" if you've applied too much, so just wipe the excess onto your hands and rub it back onto your head hair - or anywhere else really. The nutrients can be delivered on all parts of your body.

  • Bigger beards will have to use more obviously, and may need to apply upwards of 3 times a day. It depends, you'll get a feel for the right amount with time. 

Where to Buy Beard Oil?

We're going to be honest and say that there are of course many options out there besides ours. But in case you want that confidence and assurance of getting what you pay for, we'll let you in on our Beard Oil's production and quality.

Our Beard Oil formulation took us months, trying to find that perfect carrier oil blend that would leave your facial hair feeling soft to the touch, moisturized and nourished, and without the greasy feeling. We did a bunch of research on different ingredients and their effects, and how the #1 complaint was a beard oil that left the beard feeling greasy and slimy afterwards. 

Using a beard oil should serve one purpose: having a better beard, and should not come at the expense of greasiness. 

There were a lot of options. Coconut Oil was tossed out because of its coconut smell - not everyone likes that and it's quite pungent (in my opinion). Castor Oil is pretty good we have to say, but it's so thick in viscosity - like a syrup texture, and that's definitely no good for a non-greasy formulation.

We ultimately found the ideal blend of Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil. This combination, formulated at exact concentrations penetrated the skin easily without it just sitting on the hair and skin. We use these oils in all of our collection. 

The New Premium Collection



Beard Oil

Midnight Charmer

This seductive blend was created for the modern casanova. This Premium Beard Oil embraces the scent of rich Tobacco leaves, smoothened out creamy Vanilla and silky Rosemary, and is brightened with a few drops of the sweet scent of Melon.

Silky smooth and deeply rich, the scent of Midnight Charmer is the epitome of seduction, pleasure, and sweet debauchery. This lightweight, non-overpowering blend is nothing close to the smoke of a cigarette; more like a fine English pipe.

There's nothing else like this, at all; stand out amongst other beardsmen with Midnight Charmer and live the primal night with a self-assured confidence in your walk.

Beard Oil

Smooth Maverick

You get the edge of bolstering coolness and ease when you get a whiff of Smooth Maverick. Imagine a man who's suave, sophisticated, smooth. This dignified mixture contains Sandalwood and Vanilla to give a smooth and sweet combination, and is topped off with a splash of Peppermint and Tea Tree for a revitalizing and refreshing sensation.

Imagine you stepping out of an Icelandic log cabin overlooking the mountains below you while breathing in the fresh brisk wind. This Beard Oil is the personification of a Smooth Maverick. 

Beard Oil

Black Suede

Black Suede is confident, deep, and inviting. This Beard Oil is what you'd wear at a special event. 

This masculine blend includes the woody scent of Cedarwood, blended with the creamy warmth of Midnight Vanilla, and is heightened with a mix of velvety, sensual, and deep notes. It's our most comprehensive formulation yet. 

The supple medley of Black Suede was developed for distinguished men of class and prestige, yet priced for any beardsmen to afford. 


The Entire Beard Oil Collection


It's quite obvious why you should start using yourself some great Beard Oil, whether your patchy bearded or fully bearded. Other tools like combs, brushes, and balms come secondary after the beard oil. Your beard thirsts for moisture and the longer it gets, the harder it is for your natural sebum oils to do the job of moisturizing. Beard Oil is the supplement and solution for dryness, beard dandruff, wiry and coarse hairs, and overall a non healthy beard. You'll notice the benefits right after your first application. 

We hope this helped! As always, have a better beard and beard on.