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The Most Common Bearded Problems & The Solutions

Being Bearded Has Its Pros & Cons

Having and growing a beard comes with many benefits and you likely already know why. The dreadful beard itch, constant dryness, brittle hairs, beardruff (beard dandruff), beard patches, discouragement from friends, family, or work staff, the stubborn wiry hairs, ungroomliness, etc. 

A great beard comes with great responsibility. It comes with a price. Do understand this...Effective knowledge about beard care is not mainstream; it's why you hardly see any quality beard care products on the stores' shelves. 

Here at HUSKYBEARD, it's our mission to give you the confidence and pleasure that comes from having the best beard possible. It truly makes a difference when you find the passion in cultivating a great beard.

Men are passionate about their beards, and rightfully so. It's every man's right to grow one, but not every man can. So be proud that you can experience this pleasure...and the struggles. We've done some heavy research to understand the everyday beardsman that may have a patchy beard or an ungodly itchy beard. If you find yourself saying yes to any of the below mentioned, no worries. We are here for you brother. 

Most men actually face these problems and aren't even aware that these problems are fairly easy to treat. Getting rid of these problems will have an immediate effect on the betterment of your beard. 



Top 5 Most Common Bearded Problems:

1.) "The Itchy Beard"

We’ve all been there..the discomfort of the unruly tingle during the day or when trying to get some rest. It can get to the point where shaving seems like the only solution. Unfortunately, this is what most guys do, especially the new beards.

    When you use a low quality razor/trimmer/scissors, the blade's material is full of microscopic jagged edges that rip off the follicles into tiny, splinter-like strands. As these hair strands grow, they eventually curl inwards and dig into the skin throughout your day. Remember, these follicles are thick which intensify the piercing, itching sensation.

    The closer you shave, the sharper the edge of the follicle. This is why we recommend using a high quality pair of scissors/sheers that tidy up any loose strands while still preserving the hair's natural tapered edge. The hairs will then rest on the skin without the sharp pointedness which causes itch.

  • Problem: DRYNESS
    Especially in the upcoming colder season, your skin and beard will be more prone to dryness. And the longer your beard is, the more dry your beard can become.
    Use of any scalp shampoos or soaps on the beard also makes the dryness even worse as these products typically contain harmful chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which dramatically strips your hairs of its healthy oils. 
  • Solution: BEARD OILS

    HUSKYBEARD Beard Oil Collection

  • There are very good options to help with your skin and beard's dryness like Beard Conditioners and Balms as long as the ingredients are all-natural. But the most practical and enjoyable solution is of course your favorite Beard Oils. A Premium Beard Oil is the foundation for an awesome beard that you need to be equipped with, if you haven't already. The composition of the Beard Oil is why this stuff is so great. 

    What makes a great Beard Oil...well great is its ability to leave the beard feeling soft, smelling great, and without a loaded greasy feeling. There are hundreds of options to choose from so it may be difficult to find something special. The Beard Oils made at HUSKYBEARD are specially researched and developed with 5 of the best carrier oils available and include diverse scent profiles suited for every beardsman. We designed our collection to compliment the confidence and pleasure associated with being a beardsman.

2.) "The Uncomfortably Brittle/Coarse/Dry Beard"

The itchy problems with beards often come with the side effects of scraggly, split-ends and brittle, coarse, and dry follicles. If you get anything out of this, this is definitely something you want to handle.

  • Problem: Scalp Hair Products/Over-Washing the Beard
    As we've mentioned above with dryness, scalp hair products are not intended for use on the beard. Beards should be taken care of with high quality beard care products that nourish the beard. Another reason you may not have a soft beard is you overwash and strip all the oils off your follicles. It depends for everyone, but experiment with washing your beard 3-5 times a week to allow your sebaceous glands to produce enough sebum oil for moisture. 

    Solution: Beard Oil Use & Conditioning
    As stated above, a high quality Beard Oil gives your hair follicles an extra coated protection and the moisture it is thirsting for. You may also experiment with other brands' conditioners and natural soaps if you need more than Beard Oil. 

  • Problem: Split Ends & Knots
    Split ends are rough, uncomfortable and messy. A beard full of these split ends ruins the glorious potential of your beard. What leads hairs eventually fraying into splits comes down to the lack of sebum oil coverage from your sebaceous glands. Basically these glands produce this human sebum oil which protects the follicles from damage and dryness. When the beard gets longer, the sebum oil is not produced enough to distribute amongst the length of these follicles, which in turn create courseness, dryness, and split-ends. 

    HUSKYBEARD Grooming Kit Scissors and Brush

    Solution: Beard Oil, Beard Brush, & Scissors

    Seeing the pattern? Beard Oils are the solution for many of these problems but to specifically address the cause of split ends, it's important to use a Beard Brush to distribute your Beard Oil and sebum oils evenly amongst each hair follicle. The most effective material is the Boar Bristle and is regarded as the best because of its ability to exfoliate dead skin cells and collect stagnant oils to disperse them through each hair follicle. Simply put, the Boar Bristle Beard Brush is very effective for getting that well-groomed, kempt appearance. 

    A high quality pair of scissors can enable you to precisely cut these brittle ends as not doing so may cause even more damage in the long run. Whenever you see these stubborn hairs sprouting, it's very well worth trimming them off. 

3.) "The Patchy and Unevenly Grown Beards"

As you know, your beard growth rate, pattern, and coverage is largely dependent on your genetics. However, there are some tips and tricks to grow your beard to its maximum potential and a few ways to create the appearance of a fuller, even beard. 

  • Potential Problem: Insufficient Hormone Levels and Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits
    In general, you want to optimize all areas of your life and wellbeing. Unhealthy lifestyle habits like poor diet and lack of exercise will take a negative toll on your body. Specifically, these unhealthy lifestyle choices may drastically decrease your Testosterone (T) and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

    Scientific studies have found that these vital androgens (specifically DHT) have a direct effect on the development of desirable masculine characteristics, such as having a strong jaw line, deep voice, and even facial hair growth. 

  • Solution: Increased DHT Hormone, Optimized Nutrition Intake & Lifestyle
    A quick Google search on "how to increase dihydrotestosterone" will yield you many practical tips on how to optimize the production of this vital androgen. Increasing your T can also increase DHT by the conversion of T into DHT with the help of the enzyme 5-AR. 

    This is a bit of a double edged sword, however. DHT has been linked to the development of male pattern baldness which explains why bald men typically have badass beards. It's important to note that increased DHT will only affect your scalp hair if you are genetically prone to the male pattern baldness gene. So be wary of these facts and experiment at your own risk. 

    Eating healthier is no doubt something you should do. Eating your greens, drinking 2-4 liters of water daily, getting your protein, and being active will positively influence your natural beard growth production.

  • Problem: Unrealistic beard expectations & Impatience
    Many new beard growers out here expect to achieve a Viking beard within a month or two. An empire isn't built in one day fellas.

  • Solution:Simply put, expect to grow it out for longer than 6 months. And stop shaving, let the hair do it's thing.

  • Tip 1:Many beardsmen have found success using the topical hair growth treatment "Minoxidil" for their beards. We encourage you to try it after doing your research. Refer to this FAQ article we've written that explores common questions about this journey.

  • Tip 2: Use a Boars Bristle Beard Brush to straighten out the hairs for a more uniform appearance. This can create the illusion of a fuller/longer beard. 

4.) "Overtrimming and Overzealous Barbers"


I also relate to this. Walking into a new fancy barbershop and leaving with half your beard missing when you only requested a trim. It's particularly a ginormous pain in the ass. 

  • Problem: The reason barbers typically do this is because they feel like they have to compensate in their time and service towards their customers. Their occupation is to use their sheers and cut away, but when the requested trim only requires 3 minutes, they feel as if they need to extend their services by cutting more and more and more. 

  • Solution: Trim Your Own Beard
    It may seem scary at first, like trimming the pubes with a sharp contraption near your balls, clipping away your beard can be just as nerve-racking. The fear of cutting too much and having to shave it all off is unsettling, but it'll save you countless hours and money at the barbershop once you get the hang of it. With practice, it becomes easy, habitual, cost-efficient, and reliable.   

5.) "Ineffective Beard Products & Unreliable Remedies"

Far to many beardsmen spend a fortune on various beard products without ever feeling totally satisfied from them. Either the Beard Oils are too potent or contain ingredients that cause allergies, the combs pluck and strip away precious hairs, paying too much for low quality, etc. These guys are ultimately left unhappy after paying with their hard-earned money.

Trust me man, beard care can be pretty overwhelming at first. But the effects it has truly does make a difference. And once you get it taken care of, there's no going back.

I had to experiment with many different products, wasting hundreds of dollars that ultimately left me unsatisfied. Hence, HUSKYBEARD was born in order to make beard grooming as simple and as straightforward as possible. The goal is to give men the pleasure and pride of being bearded.

Don't you think it's time to stop settling with your beard and treat your beard better?

HUSKYBEARD Beardsmans Package

The Beardsman Package 

If so, we've specially curated this Beardsman Package to consist of the essentials that work consistently and reliably with a focus on beautiful design and master craftsmanship. This kit will take your grooming experience to the next level but NOT to its best potential.

Here's what you get:

- Premium Sandalwood Beard Combs ($30 Value)
- Premium Boar Bristles Beard Brush ($16 Value)
- 3x Beard Oils from current collection ($47 Value)
- Free Multifunctional Keychain ($10 Value)

Collective Value: $103
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If you're looking for to take your beard to the absolute best potential then...

HUSKYBEARD Ultimate Beardsman Package

The Ultimate Beardsmans Package

The Ultimate Beardsmans Package was developed to consist of essential beard care grooming tools that work consistently and reliably with a focus on beautiful design and master craftsmanship. This is the master kit that will transform your beard to its absolute best potential. We've specially curated this kit to include every single beard care product that your beard needs.

This huge bundle is the all-in-one solution for your dry, brittle, coarse, itchy, unmanageable beard. Simply put, you'll achieve your best beard you've never experienced before. 

Here's what you get:

- 2x Golden Sandalwood Beard Combs ($60 Value)
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Collective Value: $303
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HUSKYBEARD Ultimate Beardsman Beard Care Package Grooming Kit



Our vision to give men the pleasure of having a better beard made us mad scientists, researching hundreds of ingredients and materials, identifying all of the misinformation out there, and constant trial and error. You don't have to go through the long research and experimentation like we did, we've done that part. 

Have a better beard fellas, by all means. We are simply the local barbershop that you can trust.

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