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15 Most Common Beard Growth Myths, DEBUNKED

Chances are, you've heard of these myths and probably believe some of them. Because there really is not much scientific talk in this subject of beards, many opinions are thrown around. 

Here are 15 of the most common beliefs about growing a beard, which are far from the truth. 

1.) "I can't grow a beard, it's not in my genetics."

Reality: Many men don’t commit enough time and also aren't aware of the numerous things you can do right now to speed up your beard growth, alongside your genetics. A beard of considerable size and fullness can take anywhere from 3 months-1 year. Keep it growing. 

2.) "A beard takes x amount of time to grow."  

Reality: Beard growth depends on numerous factors, which we will delve into, so the amount of time varies for every man. Some may grow their ideal beard in 3-5 months, while others will take 1-2 years. However long it takes, the beard will be there to stay. Enjoy the journey.

3.) "Shaving makes the beard grow thicker".

Reality: Shaving your beard makes the journey longer and is counterproductive towards achieving a fuller beard. The reason this misinformation is so commonly spread around is because when the hair follicle is shaved off with a razor, the thicker part of the hair follicle is exposed, giving the illusion of a "thicker" hair. Shaving will do no physiological or biological change to your beard density or growth rate. There have even been studies that debunked this myth. 

4.) "If my beard has not filled in by the time I'm in my early 20s, it never will."

Reality: Beards improve and develop more as you get older. Typically, men report peaks in the beard growth around 30s-mid 40s. 

5. "Beards will make you feel hot in the summer."

Reality: Beards actually act as a shade from the sun (and block harmful UV exposure), and promotes an evaporative "cooling" feel when you sweat or get some breeze.

6. "Beards are not welcome for an interview/job."

Reality: Most employers are against an "ungroomed" appearance. In fact, many times, a nicely groomed, bearded man will allow an employer to remember the interviewee, increasing his probability of getting hired. Especially with the trend of beards being socially acceptable and desired, beards are more likely to be welcomed. In jobs that involve food, often times a "beard nest" is provided. In cases where companies have a strict "no-beard" policy, the interviewer will inform the candidate of this policy allowing him to rethink working for such a company. (Life hack: Find another job)

7. "Others think my beard makes me look homeless/creepy".

Reality: Others are reacting to the CHANGE and will use this negative exaggeration to convince you into changing back to your previous look. And many times, your family and friends are simply teasing your change of appearance, and their words don't actually hold any real meaning. Owning the beard you have and committing to the journey will sway others to accept it, and eventually appreciate it once its fuller and more glorious. Similarly, trends are becoming more and more accepted in cultures around the world, so these discouraging comments will dissipate.

8. "The full bearded look is the only attractive beard style".

Reality: There are very many different, manly beard styles that are highly respected and look great. The solo mustache, mustache & goatee, stubble, 5 o'clock shadow, short beard, long beard, lumberjack; these beard styles are all very popular and chances are, you have multiple options that will suit you.

9. "My beard patches will not fill in, so I can't achieve a full beard."

Reality: These patches have less androgen receptivity then the rest of your facial hair follicles and need more time to fill in. One can simply wait for the patches to fill in, or to grow the surrounding hairs to cover up the bald spot. There are even temporary options that can give you the illusion of a fuller beard such as hair fibers, and beard dyes. 

10. "My beard grows wirey/curly, and these wirey beards are unattractive."

Reality: Wiry beards when fully grown often take on a more distinguished look. The wiry texture can also be solved with the use of some beard oil or a beard balm. For better results, we recommend using a Beard Brush as well. 

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11. "Beards are itchy, scratchy, and create flakes/beardruff"

Reality: Very few bearded men report this effect and the ones that do often report this feeling going away after some time. Persistence is key. And our premium beard brush will solve any potential beard dandruff ("beardruff") you may have.

12. "There's nothing you can do to grow a beard faster."

Reality: This is partially true, but not absolutely. Check out this blog post on different methods and treatments for growing a better and faster beard. 

13. "Minoxidil (Rogaine) will not grow my facial hair and it is dangerous."

Reality: Minoxidil can cause side effects, however most report very minor side effects such as skin irritation and dry skin. There are instances of serious side effects, however they are rare. Numerous online communities globally, that focus on minoxidil for the beard, prove that this topical treatment works. The most respected and trustworthy community is on Facebook: "The Minox Beard Spot". You can even search "minoxidil beard growth" on Youtube and you will see countless men documenting their significant beard growth from the use of this FDA approved hair growth treatment. 
Interested in trying Minoxidil for Beard Growth? Check out this Beginner Guide & FAQs
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14. "Beard growth supplements will boost beard growth."

Reality: These products promise much more than they offer. Looking at supplements, these companies simply take a multivitamin and increase certain vitamins like Biotin for example, and slap a "beard growth" label on it, knowing that beardless men will purchase it. A deficiency in some nutrients (i.e, Biotin) can decrease your potential beard growth rate, so that is true. But a healthy diet will already optimize this nutrient bodily intake. Also, supplements and pills don't deliver a localizing effect, so if the beard growth supplements were to work, your hairs all over your body would grow. 

15. "Beard growth oils/pills/products can boost beard growth."

Reality: Similar to beard growth supplements, these oils/creams/sprays most likely won't deliver a faster grown beard. In order to assess whether they have a chance at being effective, you have to examine their ingredients and many of these ingredients are DHT blockers, or extracts that have little to no scientific evidence for hair growth. Coincidentally, many of these beard growth treatments don't even list out their ingredients. Sketchy, huh?
Huskybeard's beard growth vitamins are not like ay other vitamins available on the market. We list all of our ingredients on the label. Every ingredient is all natural and engineered to promote a healthy body. A healthy body promotes beard growth and a healthy beard. We can't guarantee results, but our vitamins will absolutely give you the best chance of being the beardsman you've dreamed of becoming.

16. Bonus Tip: Biotin & Collagen Supplements May Help With Beard Growth

Reality: FACT!

Biotin may help with you beard growth if you are deficient. You don't need to go overboard with this however, supplementing 5,000mcg a few times a week is adequate.

Collagen supplements are wonderful, especially if you are using Minoxidil, as Minoxidil has been shown to inhibit collagen production. In case you didn't know, collagen is the skin protein that is responsible for youthful looking, soft, wrinkle-free skin, and healthy, strong hair follicles. 


Hopefully this informed you of how many widespread myths there are in this subject of facial hair. Next time, you can explain to your relative or friend on how shaving does not make the follicles thicker.

Take care!