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Beard Comb Guide: How to Find Your Best Beard Comb

Why You Need a Beard Comb & How To Find Yours

The best beard comb is your go-to comb; the one you carry around with you everywhere. The best comb for you can drastically upgrade your beard by making it look clean, styled, tangle-free, less itchy, and even longer.

There are a variety of options to choose from, including wooden beard combs, steel combs, or ox horn combs and different functionalities like pocket beard combs, folding beard combs, switchblade beard combs, and even wallet beard combs. 

A high quality beard comb is something you want to have in your beard care collection. While you're growing your beard, your beard will become more and more unruly and stubborn so investing in a high quality beard comb will make all the difference. 

Beard oils, balms, and waxes are great, but unless you have a tool to redirect those wild hairs in the beard style you desire, your beard will still look amateur. This is why beard maintenance shouldn't be neglected. The use of a beard comb along with beard oils and other products will help maximize the benefits of your beard grooming.

The Beard Comb Collection

These Combs have been crafted with the highest quality materials available, and were designed to glide smoothly through your beard without the dreadful snagging and harmful effects. 


The investment of a high quality beard comb goes without saying. So let's look at the top 5 best factors to consider when searching for where to buy your beard comb that's right for you.


This is going to be the difference between a $5 plastic comb and a $30+ natural, wooden comb. Choosing the right material of your comb is the crucial step in finding your preferred comb and the grooming of your beard and its appearance.

Low quality, cheap combs will actually deteriorate your beard by pulling and tearing your beard apart. These combs have microscopic jagged splits between each tooth of the comb because they are mass produced by machinery. These tiny uneven splits will pull on your beard and pluck out your precious beard hairs by the handful. This flawed construction creates friction and static which can be a huge pain. This is why handmade combs are the best. 

The best beard comb materials: 


Sandalwood Wooden Beard Comb Benefits

By far the most advantageous and beneficial material is Sandalwood.
First of all, Sandalwood is used in many beard oils, balms, and combs because it's undoubtedly the highest preferred material in the bearded community.  Here's why...

The scent of this wooden comb is one of its best perks. The wood's note is smooth and sweet and retains a subtle smoke and spice to it. It's quite relaxing to smell its lingering scent when you groom in the morning. It makes grooming feel like an experience rather than a chore. 

The denseness of Sandalwood acts as a natural "massager" for the face and scalp, which can strengthen the hair follicles and actually speed up beard growth by stimulating blood flow. 

It also grooms without snag or static, and collects oils to distribute evenly amongst your hair follicles, providing a nice coated protection from exterior damage. 


Cellulose Acetate Plastic Comb Material Benefits for beard and hair

This isn't the harmful, cheap kind of plastic.

This material glides through your beard without the harmful effects like inferior plastic combs. These quality combs are typically cut out of acetate sheets, with edges bevelled, rounded, and polished to make sure none of the teeth have microscopic jagged edges which protect the follicles from being pulled out.

You can't really go wrong with an acetate plastic comb; it'll get the job done but it's a bit uninteresting in our opinion. 

best beard comb benefits buffalo ox horn comb

Just look at those horns!

Unlike cheap plastic combs, ox horn combs do not trap electric charges, and therefore do not product harmful static when combing your beard. Ox horns also contain keratin, which is a protein found in human hair and skin that protects epithelial cells from damage or stress.

This molecular makeup is why this material does not cling on to the hair's surface, providing a snag-free groom. Ox horn combs make a great option and come in a variety of colors like pale yellow, black, and a mix in between.


    Which Beard Comb Teeth Size

    Long, short, pointed, rounded, wide-teeth, fine-teeth, there are a myriad of sizes to choose from. This factor depends on the state of your beard. Is your beard unruly? Thick or thin haired? Long or short? How "groomed and clean" do you want your beard to appear? 

    Generally, you should avoid combs with a "pick-like" ending of the teeth as this can be uncomfortable and damaging to the skin and hair. Rounded is the way to go. 

      • Wide teeth is generally better for men with massive beards (1 year-3 year length). An overly fine teethed comb can have a snagging effect for longer beards, but a finer teethed comb can leave your beard looking much straighter and finer than a wide toothed comb. 

      • Fine teethed combs are perfect for beginner/short beards and beardsmen just looking for a more kempt and professional bearded appearance. The finer the teeth, the straighter the hair. 

      • Medium teethed combs is the "can't go wrong" choice for any beard. Medium sized teeth will groom and soften the beard without it looking "overly groomed". It's a recommended balance for big beards and an optimal choice for medium-short beards.  
    Our Premium Folding Wenge Wood Beard Comb, which has been highly praised for its beautiful, dark grain and lingering deep, rich scent, is a wonderful choice for all beardsmen. It's especially a good choice for those looking to pick up their first beard comb! 

    3. Absorption and Distribution of Oils

    Beard Oil Application

    What you may not know is that some comb materials act as hair/beard conditioners because of its ability to collect oils and redistribute them evenly amongst each hair follicle. A dry, scaly beard is the last thing you want so this ability can help alleviate and moisturize the hairs and make a HUGE difference! When used with a beard oil, your beard can achieve the most desired benefits.

    In particular, a Wooden Comb has these features:

      • Ability to absorb beard oils/balms to redistribute along your beard strands.

      • Ability to collect beard oils and create a uniquely rich scent that is ingrained into the comb. This will make your beard comb have a punch of personality.

      • Comfortable and cumbersome feel in the hand. Perfect size, portable, ergonomic. This is the comb that "just feels right" when grooming in the morning.

      • Finish and craftsmanship. Does the comb have a nice polished finish? Does the comb glide through the beard without friction or snag? 

      4. Hand-Crafted vs. Machine

      As we've mentioned before, low quality combs have microscopic jagged edges along the teeth of the comb. This is another factor to look for when choosing razor blades; jagged edges can be detrimental. This is due to mass production from large machines, which are then printed and stamped on large sheets. These stamped combs are then cut from the sheets.

      This method is common in the industry because of its efficiency in time and money, but what they don't tell you is that this process leaves tiny traces of sharp uneven edges in the teeth which can slowly rip out of your beard, follicle by follicle. Before long, you'll find dozens of hairs collecting in the sink. Don't make that mistake! 

      Hand-made/Saw-cut/Hand-crafted combs have years and years of expert craftsmanship behind each comb. We can't speak for every comb out there, but behind the production of each of our Sandalwood Beard Combs includes an assembly team of highly skilled workers meticulously crafting to give the most pleasurable grooming experience for our beardsmen.

      HUSKYBEARD Handmade Beard Comb

      Our production includes:

      • The sourcing of high quality, aromatic Sandalwood,
      • the precisely cut sections of wood according to exact specified measurements,
      • the assembly of the individual parts,
      • the engraving of our HUSKYBEARD logo,
      • and finally the refinement process of varnishing, sanding, and polishing to give the best gliding experience.

      Every one of our handcrafted combs is truly a unique work of art. Getting the job done right for our community is no joke. 


      A high quality beard comb will last you a very long time. The material of the comb will influence how durable the comb will last you. However, even though high quality combs go through meticulous craftsmanship, dropping the comb, sitting on it in your back pocket, or general carelessness can reduce the lifetime longevity. In general, you should avoid these materials being overexposed to sunlight and water.

      Soaking wooden combs in water can ruin the longevity of your comb and cause the comb to swell up or cause splintering effects. You may use a slightly damp towel to wipe off any debris from the comb and use a brushes' bristles to brush through the teeth in order to clean out any hidden flakes. 

      This is optional, but a light application of carrier oils, like Jojoba or Argan Oil, on wooden combs can recondition the comb and deliver additional, nourishing effects to the hair follicles. 

      What's the Best Beard Comb?

      Ultimately, the "best" beard comb depends on your preference and what your beard needs. Choosing the right beard comb for you involves first recognizing the benefits of a high quality comb vs the harmful effects of a cheap, low quality comb. 


      If you are striving for an unparalleled grooming experience, you will enjoy using our handcrafted, Premium Wenge Wood Pocket Beard Comb. The uniquely rich scent while grooming, the expert craftsmanship behind it, its smooth gliding experience through the hairs, and the its travel friendly size are all traits that make for a great comb. We humbly believe you will find nothing better. 

      The Beardsmen's Favorite Comb


      HUSKYBEARD Sandalwood Beard Comb

      HUSKYBEARD Sandalwood Beard Comb