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The Best Beard Communities You Need to Join

Are you in any bearded communities, online or offline? Well you should be. 

Every interest, passion, and ideology you can think of has congregations in physical and virtual forms. Communities like these allow for people to engage in open and honest discussions around specific topics in order to educate, entertain, or share information with each other. 

Car mechanics, cosmetic chemists, people looking to change their eye color from brown to blue, and anything else you can imagine have underground societies. The bearded community is no different. 

In this short blog post, we'll discuss some of the most popular and resourceful online forums, groups, and communities that are goldmines for passionate beardsmen. These communities for the most part are not monetized or commercialized; just a bunch of men (and women) involved in the bearded lifestyle.

These listings are in no particular order and our brand, HUSKYBEARD, has no commercial affiliation with these communities, although we are sponsor for /r/beards.

Let's get started.


  1. Beard Board (aka JeffsBeardBoard)

    Previously known as JeffsBeardBoard, this community is one of the first groups formed online to discuss all topics related to beards: beard product reviews, questions, beard growth experiments, advice, and anything there is to know. 


    "Launched on January 17, 1996, all about beards [] is the longest-running beard site on the web." ( This non-profit website is the online pioneer for everything beard. These guys, along with JeffsBeardBoard, have been around long before the trend of beards started becoming mainstream. Hats off to them.  

  3. /r/beards; /r/beardtalk; /r/Moustache; /r/beardadvice

    These subreddits are a go-to resource. The parent subreddit, /r/beards, hosts "Best/Longest Beard" monthly competitions (which we also happen to be a proud participating sponsor that gives free beard care products given to the monthly winners), beardsmen of all magnitudes, and anything else specific like reviews on beard oils, beard care routines, etc.

    /r/beards[We are a proud sponsor for /r/beards. Look in their side bar for a nice, huge discount.]

Facebook Groups

  1. The Minox Beard Spot

    This Facebook group was founded by a Youtuber named Basik Ali who popularized the use of Minoxidil for beards. He was one of the first, if not the first, who documented his beard growth results starting from scruff to now a fairly respectable grown beard. His experimentation, along with many users from JeffsBeardBoard, led the discussion that Minoxidil could indeed be effective for beard growth.

    "The Minox Beard Spot; a closed group where men share their journey using minoxidil to go from beardless to beardsman. From patchy to full, we're proving each day that minoxidil can help men grow out their beards."
    (The Minox Beard Spot Side Bar)

    [Tip: Make sure you read their FAQs!]

    HUSKYBEARD Best Online Beard Communities

  2. Men With Beards 

    Though this group has only about 8,000 members, this male exclusive community is actively engaged and fun. They also have a much larger based audience in their Facebook Page where they post quotes, memes, and entertaining videos (although it is a bit monetized with t-shirt products).

  3. Beard Club

    Similar to Men with Beards, this group has more than 8,000 active bearded gents and a good following of female admirers. Introduce yourself and your beard into the group and have the chance to win competitions and participate in monthly meetup events.

  4. Beard Game Matters

    To be frank, I don't know much about this Facebook community but it is worth mentioning due to the fact that they have a whopping audience size of more than 1,300,000 members! How they built this massive following is unknown, but the community features a diverse population of beardsmen of all ages as well as a significant amount of female beard admirers. It's quite impressive how the mysterious creator of this group grew an audience larger than the top beard companies combined.


This list is not all-inclusive but is a general summary of some great bearded communities readily available. Don't go looking for advice and answers from your friends or family and instead hop in one of these welcoming communities. 

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