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Best Beard Comb - Large Sandalwood Beard Comb Review

The Agony Of The Wrong Comb

There’s a point in beard growth where running a comb through your facial hair sends you into a state of near nirvana. And nothing is better than a Huskybeard Sandalwood comb. But more on that in a second.

 One time, when no one was around, I sat on my couch watching my favorite TV show and ran a comb through my beard for an hour. With each stroke of the comb the knots in my back and the ache in my feet after a long day of work faded away. Now this was one of those 80-cent combs where one half has small spaced teeth and the other has larger spaced teeth.

 And the next day I couldn’t have hated myself more.

The skin on my face had grown so sensitive from all the combing, that the slightest breeze through my facial hair sent shockwaves across my face. Did I learn my lesson? A few months later, I might have done it again and faced the same consequences.

Now I’m no scientist, but I think it has to do with our facial follicles versus our upper head follicles. Regardless of the beautiful and soft (with the help of Huskybeard Premium Oils) hairs that come out of our face, our cheeks are still sensitive and our whiskers are still relatively course. While the hair on our head is relatively fine but the skin is tougher. So running a cheap comb through our upper hair for an hour might feel okay with no side effects, while the same action on our face feels great with terrible consequences.

So the first key to a wonderful combing experience is using the right comb. That fine hair from tough skin I just talked about responds fine to a cheap comb. But the course hair from sensitive skin needs a different touch. A Huskybeard Sandalwood Comb is the best instrument for the job. Apply a little oil to your beard and follow up with perfectly spaced and smooth sandalwood teeth designed for perfect application of oil and detanglement of your whiskers. This comb is smooth like butter where a cheap plastic comb pulls hairs. Don’t go cheap on the comb.

Even with the Huskybeard comb, there is a second key to treating your face right. NEVER overcomb, because the next day you’ll hate yourself. A few strokes with the right comb, no matter how good it feels, is all you need.