The 3 Most Memorable Hollywood Beards

The 3 Most Memorable Hollywood Beards

May 05, 2018

The 3 Most Iconic Beards of Hollywood History

Growing a beard is as much a lifestyle choice as it is a grooming choice. A beard gives a displayal, or symbol rather, of character. Just as important, growing facial hair requires the attention to details of good grooming, which necessitates choosing quality grooming products for the health, aesthetics, and maintenance of your beardOur very own Premium Beardsman's Package is highly recommended for the utmost quality and cultivation of your beard. Although we are not sure what the following movie stars used for their beards during production, we can guarantee that the beards they rocked during shooting involved quality grooming products. 

In this short, light hearted article, we'll be looking at some famous beards that - in our opinion - were the most memorable. We're sure you'll recognize a few. 

1.) Clubber Lang - Rocky 3

[Source: Sylvester Stallone, Facebook Page]

A larger than life screen hero deserves not only a formidable foe, but also a memorable one, and James “Clubber” Lang (played by real-life tough guy Laurence Tureaud aka Mr. T) was just that. With a mean streak, a meaner glare, a body chiseled from granite, and a take-no-prisoners style, Lang proves to be the perfect foil to Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky.

While we can’t commend Lang’s boxing style, we can commend his facial hair. The razor sharp muttonchops complete with a Mohican hairstyle makes for a seriously unforgettable look. The iconic beard of Lang also made it in Games Rader's ‘50 Best Movie Beards’ list.

2.) Hugh Jackman - Logan (Wolverine)

[Source: Hugh Jackman, Facebook Page]

Of course we couldn't exclude this legendary beard. Arguably the most famous beard in the superhero genre is Wolverine’s. In the seventeen years that Hugh Jackman has played the character, the beard has always remained a key part of the Wolverine’s look - and for good reason.

In the series' final film Logan, Jackman's beard was taken to the next level. Gone is the enviably well-kept and well-trimmed black beard, and in its place is a salt and pepper full beard that adds a striking, stern expression to his character. The look itself is enough to motivate any man to grow their beards, and great beards require great responsibility. For beginner beards, we couldn't recommend anything more suitable than our Essential Beard Starter's Kit

3.) King Leonidas - 300

[Source: 300, Facebook Page]

Last but not least, King Leonidas’ beard in the epic war film "300". Having become one of the most iconic beards in movie history, Leonidas' beard, aka "short box beard" or "ducktail beard", has been an extremely popular look in the past decade. Growing a beard like Leonidas will require Spartan patience, as it will take at least two months of persistent growth, after which it can then be shaped using a pair of Trimming Scissors.

What else though would you expect from a film inspired by the fabled Spartan warriors of the Battle of Thermopylae? Zack Snyder’s adaptation of Frank Miller’s classic graphic novel has inspired an entire generation in their fitness and grooming habits - arguably more so than any other movie in history.

The Spartan warrior look made famous in the film certainly had its impact across numerous media platforms, including the online slot game 300 Shields which had its characters primarily based off of Zack Snyder film. 


Growing your beard is more than simply looking more masculine and attractive, which can clearly be illustrated in the three above mentioned beards. Growing a beard is a lifestyle choice - an expression of your character and how you want others to perceive you. While these 3 movies beards may not be the "best" beards shown across all movies ever produced, hopefully it inspired you to grow your beard out, up your grooming game, and strive to enhance the character of your own. 

Leave a comment if we missed out on mentioning a memorable beard! As always, beard on.

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