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Premium Sandalwood Pocket Beard Comb

Premium Sandalwood Pocket Beard Comb

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Preferred by beardsmen everywhere. Watch this testimonial: 

Beardsmen, if you've been looking to improve your beard, pay attention.
Those cheap plastic combs have got to go. They will pull and tear your beard apart from its jagged splits and harmful static. 

Handcrafted from genuine Sandalwood, this is the best comb to glide through your beard or hair with no snag or friction. The smoky scent of Sandalwood lasts forever.  

Haven't smelled Sandalwood? 

The wood's note is on the smooth and sweet side and retains a subtle smoke and spice to it. The scent of this comb is like no other. It's able to collect beard oils and ingrain a unique scent into the comb, giving it a punch of personality. Upgrade your beard care and save with the Beardsman Set which comes with this premium comb and the Floral Paradise Beard Oil.


  • 100% Sandalwood
  • Lingering Smoky Scent 
  • Easily Glides, Smoothens, Detangles 
  • Pocket Sized, Snag-free, Anti-Static
  • Medium Sized Teeth
  • Complements Beard Oils/Balms
  • Carrying Pouch Included