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Royale Black Beard Oil



Let me tell you a story about the inspiration behind Royale Black beard oil. When I was a kid, my mom used to clean houses for a living to put food on the table and she would sometimes bring me with her. She cleaned the house of this super cool, old dude; Mr. Anderson. I was young so I don't remember much. What I do remember though is that Mr. Anderson smoked a pipe. I can still remember the sweet smell of pipe tobacco that permeated his home and welcomed me every time I visited. 

Royale Black beard oil is the most manly and sophisticated scent Huskybeard has created to date. We took the formula for the premium Royale Black scent from Black Tie Beard, and made it even better.

The Royal Black scent is tobacco based, mixed with the sweetness of amber and vanilla. It reminds us of smooth, sweet, pipe tobacco. Manly and sophisticated.

Specially formulated with only 100% natural carrier oils and essential oils, this 1oz Beard Oil will soften your beard without the greasy feeling. 


Category: beard care, beard oil, Upsell Package

Type: Beard Oil

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