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Our beard care kits are designed to give you the best bang for your buck.

The BASIC BEARD CARE KIT - COMB AND BALM is perfect for the beardsman that likes to keep his beard care routine simple. It comes with a folding, wenge wood comb and the beard balm of your choice. Nothing fancy, just a fantastic comb, an incredible, scented balm , and a soft, well maintained, and fully tamed Huskybeard.


Folding Wenge Wood Beard Comb - 

Our new, folding wood comb is designed to last. Unlike it's predecessor, this comb is made of durable wenge wood that is less likely to crack and break with regular use. The high quality craftsmanship of this comb is immediately apparent in the smooth finish and deep, rich color and dark grain. The combs teeth are thick and spaced appropriately for longer beards to reduce snagging and pulling.

Premium Beard Balm - 

Our premium beard balms come in 10 different scents that are available all year and seasonal scents are added periodically. Each scent is hand crafted in the USA using only the highest quality essential oils to make your beard smell incredible all day long. The added, premium carrier oils nourish and strengthen the beard, ensuring a full, healthy and glorious beard that others will envy. Each balm is made using 100% bees wax sourced in the USA. It's all natural and all amazing. The smooth texture of our balms glides effortlessly through the beard and helps tame the unruly mane.


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